The Pendleton Field Guide to Camping


From the beloved American heritage brand, The Pendleton Field Guide to Camping is a helpful companion for outdoor enthusiasts and weekend adventurers. Organized into three sections, this handbook offers practical advice on where to go camping, how to go camping, and how to enjoy it once you're there. 

The Pendleton Field Guide to Camping begins with a brief overview of the best parks and trails in the United States. The second section contains camp essentials—what to pack and how to plan your camping trip—and the final section contains a series of how-tos. 

Entries include a brief history of national parks, packing lists, and step-by-step tutorials for starting a fire, pitching a tent, and brewing a cup of coffee in the wilderness. 

Filled with tried-and-true advice, illustrations, and informative text 

An inviting and instructive tool for anyone who wants to explore the great outdoors. Whether you're an avid outdoorsperson, a weekend explorer, or an aspirational adventurer, this handbook will inspire you to pack a bag and spend some time in the wilderness. 

For over 150 years, Pendleton Woolen Mills has been one of America's most beloved heritage brands. Known for their woollen blankets and clothing, their products are revered by those who love the great outdoors.  The Pendleton Field Guide to Camping is a great gift for Pendleton fans, outdoorsy types, and longtime campers and first-timers alike. 

ISBN: 9781452174754. 
Format: Hardback. 
Pages: 208. 

Publication date: 31 Mar 2020.