The Emeralds: Ceramic Green Spotted Dinner Plate (Set of 2)


Add unique reflections of green in a playful dance of light with our brand new Emeralds Collection. From table and dinnerware to decorative pieces, shades of jewel toned green seamlessly blend with hand finished smooth shapes, adding a fresh Mediterranean vibe to any setting. A careful mixture of transparent glassware, ceramic, stoneware with reactive glaze and crackle glaze, each piece in this perfectly balanced series combines the finest quality with harmonious designs. 

So be bold and blend airy glass decorations with opaque ceramics with our newest collection with items ranging from bowls, wine glasses and tableware to vases and candlesticks. Just in time to complete your table for every cozy occasion, and bring fresh vibes to any space. 

Dimensions: 27.3 x 27.3 x 2.8cm. 

Food and microwave safe. 

Not dishwasher safe. 

Differences may appear due to the nature of the reactive glaze used.