Sari Wrap Bracelet Carnelian


This Sari Wrap Bracelet Carnelian of A Beautiful Story is made of upcycled sari and features carnelian gemstones. The length of the bracelet is 50 centimetres. 

Carnelian ignites your inner spark and helps to get your creative juices flowing. Its fiery energy sets things in motion and brings back a sense of aliveness. 

In India, women wear traditional clothes in beautiful fabrics on special occasions. We think it is a shame not to reuse these cheerful sari fabrics when they are no longer worn. With our accessories, we give them a second life. Each saree is unique. That's why the product you order always differs in colour and print from the picture. Be surprised. 

Colour: Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red. 

Gemstone: Carnelian. 

Power: Energy.