RHS Get Growing: A Family Guide to Gardening Indoors and Out


Put the fun into gardening with this great family guide to growing plants indoors and out, all year round.  
How do plants work? How can I grow tomatoes? How can I encourage garden wildlife? RHS Get Growing will answer all these questions in a fun and accessible guide.
Perfect for parents and children who enjoy engaging with the outdoors and want to do more activities together, or for beginner gardeners just starting out, this book explains how plants work, describes the building blocks of gardening, and shows how to grow everything from cacti to cucumbers.
With great facts and practical projects, giving the reader a lot of information, it's an ideal, hands-on introduction for complete beginners, and designed to inspire a life-long love of gardening.
In this book, you will learn to:
  • Learn about the plants and animals that make up the ecosystem of any garden
  • Plant seeds together with your children and watch as they grow
  • Carry out experiments – from making a wormery to mapping rain shadows
  • Make delicious recipes from your home-grown produce
The projects and experiments are bite-sized and self-contained, ideal for weekends, holidays and even home-schooling.
This book is ideal for parents and teachers who want to get kids connected with nature, experiencing the world and relating to the food that they eat. All the guidance is backed by scientific and educational research, drawn together by the team of RHS experts. 
Get your children growing shoots and seeds, whatever their ages, and watch them fall in love with the natural world with RHS Get Growing, the complete family gardening guide.
Format: Hardcover
176 pages
Size: 6.69 in x 9.06 in / 17cm x 23cm

HOLLY FARRELL is the author of Planting Plans for your Kitchen Garden (2013, How To Books) and RHS Plants from Pips (2015, Mitchell Beazley). She contributes to gardening magazines such as The Garden and Kitchen Garden, and has a blog at www.hollyefarrell.com

Holly trained at RHS Gardens Wisley where she gained the Wisley Diploma in Practical Horticulture and the RHS Certificate and Diploma, both with Commendation. After working as Head Gardener on a private estate she now combines her career as a garden writer with freelance work as a consultant on kitchen gardens for private clients.

Holly has been growing her own fruit and vegetables for many years, in a variety of settings from allotments to container gardens. Holly is also a keen and experienced baker, and while she's happy to produce wedding cakes for friends or hundreds of biscuits for a Christmas market stall, she doesn't need a reason to bake!