Scented Multiwick Candle

By St Eval


Not only do our Scented Multiwick Candles look beautiful, but they will also help you to unwind.
With its 3 wicks this candle makes a beautiful centre piece to any dining table or conservatory.


Choose between our beautiful Lavender fragrance which is both soothing and relaxing, the uplifting, herbal aroma of Bergamot & Nettle or the fresh, invigorating fragrance of Bay & Rosemary. Enjoy a heart warming burn time of about 90 hours.

Bay and Rosemary: An invigorating combination of herbal rosemary and cool bay leaf.

Lavender: A relaxing and soothing scent of fresh aromatic lavender.

Bergamot & Nettle: An uplifting, herbal aroma with hints of spice. 

Thyme & Mintcrisp, clear scent of crushed fresh garden mint blended with the herbal scent of thyme. 

Burn Time: up to 90 hours
Size: 6'' x 3''