Large Bulb Goats Milk Soap No.54 Heliotrope & Rain Lily


Cloister Garden fragrance range.

Drawing its inspiration from abandoned gardens where once novice gardeners toiled creating hybrid varieties of flowering bulbs. These highly valued prizes with astounding scents blessed the footpaths of a shady cloister. Flourishing alongside earthy ferns and wild pelargoniums these earthy sprites caress the aromatic heliotrope as it turns its face to the sun , creating a melodious balm to the senses of any passing traveller. 

No.54 Heliotrope & Rain Lily. Heliotrope has a sweet and floral scent . Many people associate the fragrance with feelings of warmth and comfort, often noting its nutty, woody undertones. 

Size: 140g.

Hand made using goats milk. 

Contains natural oils and butters, that are moisturising and gentle.

Vegetarian and cruelty-free.

Presented in trimmed tissue inside a kraft card box.