Gunpowder Tea Pyramids

By Tiosk

Gunpowder Pinhead is an ancient Chinese green tea professed to have been renamed when a young English clerk noted its striking resemblance to gunpowder grains. The leaves are skilfully rolled into small compact ’pinheads’ that unfurl once steeped, producing a green hued infusion with an explosion of flavours, from softly smoky to subtly nutty.

Delicious enjoyed without milk.

Brewing Guide

Green tea is delicate - to bring out the smooth complex flavours and avoid bitterness, use freshly drawn boiled water left to cool for 2 minutes.

This precious whole leaf tea is enveloped in biodegradable tea pyramids to ensure a perfect infusion.


Chinese Zhu Cha gunpowder green tea, pyramid teabags

Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 100mm