Green Barbecue Cookbook: Modern Vegetarian Grill and BBQ Recipes


The Green Barbecue Cookbook is a collection of mouth-watering vegetarian recipes, all of which are cooked with fire. 

From grilling directly onto fire to cooking with indirect fire, it covers everything that you need to know about making great food over the flame. 

Try a Quinoa and Sweet Potato Burger or a Pizza with Pumpkin and Chanterelles, paired with Oven-Baked Onions and Deep-Fried Sweet Potato Crisps. Plus, you can even try your hand at cocktail recipes, such as Smoky Pineapple Sour and Sangritas. 

With atmospheric photography and charming illustrations, Martin’s approach to meat-free cooking is anything but boring. 

Author: Martin Nordin. 

ISBN: 9781784885472. 

Format: Hardback. 

Pages: 240. 

Dimensions: 24cm x 17cm. 

Published: 14 April 2022.