Dress [with] Sense: The Practical Guide to a Conscious Closet


A stylish guide to environment-friendly ways of buying, wearing, caring for and decluttering your wardrobe. 

If you've ever looked at your overflowing wardrobe and felt you could do better - for fashion cred and for the environment - then this is the book for you. Packed with practical tips and inspirational advice from bloggers, activists, producers and models such as Susie Lau, Amber Valletta and Bonnie Chen, Dress [with] Sense will help set you on the road from casual to conscious consumer. 

BUY better, and make more responsible choices when hitting the shops. 

WEAR your clothes more creatively, and rescue hidden treasures from the depths of your wardrobe. 

CARE for your clothes by learning better (more environmentally friendly) ways of washing. 

DISPOSE of them by swapping, gifting, donating or recycling - anything but throwing them in the bin! 

ISBN: 9780500292778. 

Publication Date: March 2017. 

Format: Paperback. 

Pages: 224. 

Dimensions: 21.5 x 13.cm. 


Christina Dean is CEO of Redress, a Hong-Kong-based environmental NGO founded in 2007 and devoted to reducing waste in the fashion industry. She was listed by Vogue as one of the UK’s ‘Top 30 Inspirational Women’. 

Hannah Lane is Communications Director at Redress prior to which she headed up the sustainability consultancy Ogilvy Earth China. 

Sofia Tärneberg is a former Programme Director at Redress. She has been working in sustainable fashion for several years. 

Charlotte Trounce is an illustrator living in London.