Cat Eyes and Dog Whistles: The Seven Senses of Humans and Other Animals


They say that seeing is believing – and there’s some truth in that. Highly sensitive receptor cells in our eyes, ears, noses, tongues and skin relay messages to the brain and allow us to interpret the things going on around us, creating our sense of reality. But how do our senses work? And how do they differ from the senses of other animals? 

This book takes young readers step by step through the biology of each of the senses. Clear texts are peppered with fascinating facts. Did you know that, unlike the other senses, smells are delivered directly to the parts of our brain that are responsible for memory and emotion, meaning that smells can trigger feelings in a way that sight or sound can’t? Did you know that a cow has about 250,000 tastebuds, compared to 5,000 of a human, and a mere 30 of a chicken? Or that earwax is 80% dead skin? 

With bold, bright illustrations by award winning illustrator, Becky Thorne, this is a marvellous science/biology book that will get kids thinking about how they interact with the world around them. 

ISBN: 9781800660137. 

Publication Date: February 2022. 

Format: Hardcover. 

Pages: 64. 

Dimensions: 24.1 x 30.3cm. 


Robin Jacobs is a writer of children's picture books and non-fiction. With a science background, she unpacks complex subjects with a clarity and lightness that is accessible and refreshing. Robin is the author of Don't Hug the Pug and Earth Shattering Events

Becky Thorns is a Cornwall-based illustrator who has worked with publishers including Nosy Crow and Little Gestalten. Her work on The World of Whales (Little Gestalten) was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards, 2020.