Maleku 70% Dark Chocolate Bar


A bar with an incredible story, made to showcase the irresistible flavour of these Costa Rican cocoa beans. 

In the early 1980s, Costa Rica’s cacao was devastated by the fungus “Monilia,” which spread throughout the country’s huge cacao fields, killing tens of thousands of hectares of cacao crop. 

While Costa Rica’s cacao industry has never quite recovered, there have been plenty of efforts made thanks to cacao producers like Nahua Cacao. They are dedicated to not just providing the greatest quality post-harvest services, but also to improving the lives of smallholder farmers via training, assistance, and community participation, as well as encouraging sustainable farming techniques, reforestation, and conservation. 

Bean to Bar 

As with all Chocolarder products, the chocolate is made in their Falmouth factory. 

Tasting Notes 

Rich cocoa flavours with notes of coffee, fig and caramelised banana. 


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar. Weight: 70g