Almond Honey Nougatine 50% Milk Chocolate Bar - Limited Edition


As always, Chocolarder's focus is on sourcing their ingredients in the most ethical way. With honeycomb made using Cornish Black Bee Honey, toasted almonds sail-shipped from Spain to Penzance by New Dawn Traders, nougatine made in house using local free-range eggs, and unrefined sugar from a green harvest project in Brazil. 

Öko Caribe cocoa beans, from a community of dedicated cacao farmers in the Duarte province of Dominican Republic, bring a nutty array of flavours from the cacao base. With the addition of sweet honeycomb, toasted almonds and nougatine, this bar redesigns classic flavours with truly deep and satisfying results for both the mind and taste buds! 

Bean to Bar 

As with all our products, the chocolate is made in our Falmouth factory. 

Tasting Notes 

Recreating that old favourite, flavours of nostalgia and airports. 


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, milk powder, toasted almonds, nougat (sugar, toasted almonds, egg white), honeycomb (honey, bicarbonate of soda) . Weight: 70g.