The Crystal Magic Tarot


This dynamic, potent deck will empower you to navigate the universe, take charge of your life and manifest your ideal future.  What are you waiting for? 

The Crystal Magic Tarot deck and guidebook expands the traditional use of tarot beyond future predictions into the world of intention-setting.  Tarot expert Kerry Ward and witch and crystal addict Clare Gregory have combined their knowledge to produce this 78-card tarot deck, which will enable you to take a hold your your destiny and manifest your future. 

Each card is beautifully illustrated and is linked to both a crystal, which either amplifies or protects you from its energy, and an affirmation, which will help you to achieve your goals.  You don’t have to have 78 crystals to make this work, at is most basic, you need just one.  With several tarot spreads suggested in the booklet – from how to attract, wealth, to new beginnings and feeling loved – the crystal’s role is to bring power to your intention, and you can carry it around to remind yourself of this.  Unique and powerful, this deck will make your dreams a reality.