Natural Honeycomb Sea Sponge

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Hippospongia communis, otherwise known as the the Honeycomb Sea Sponge, is the most popular sponge type for personal care. It originates from the Mediterranean Sea, mainly the Aegean Sea and the North Coast of Africa, at depths of 9-80 meters. It's almost spherical in shape and very thick thick with a rough surface to it’s bottom (unlike you after using these). It is the only product of it’s kind known that will not damage your skin or any surface it is used on. When using the natural sea sponge for personal hygiene, the pores of the skin are opened, allowing it to breath and facilitating the blood circulation.

Each Honeycomb is sustainably hand harvested from nature and ideal for your personal care. Natural sponges are long lasting (2-6 years) when rinsed off thoroughly under cool running water and dried before the next use.