Los Altos Coffee 250g

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An easy-going coffee with a delicious, syrupy mouthfeel.

Los Altos is a geographically dynamic farm composed of just over 70 hectares of rolling coffee hills at the base of Kilambe Mountain. Each time Origin arrive at Los Altos, they're greeted by the workers that come together to create this incredible crop, from coffee growers to pickers. The relationship between the Mierisch family and Origin started over a decade ago and the coffee produced at their farms, especially Los Altos, has been at the core of who Origin are for years.

Once it's back in the UK, the coffee is roasted to showcase the relationship between the farm and Roastery by highlighting the unique markers of terroir, and imparting our identity on the final cup. This makes a coffee that is approachable, familiar and full of flavour. In the cup there is a soft acidity, full body and creamy finish with comforting notes of milk chocolate and caramel.

Flavour profiles

Roasted Almond, Chocolate, Brown Sugar



Espresso: 1:2 coffee to water, extracted in 28-32 secs
Filter: 60-65g coffee per litre of water, brewed for 3-4 min


Origin create a new and unique profile for each coffee they roast. Although the profiles are different, their approach is always the same, to highlight and accentuate the flavours created at the farm and mill. This means they don't label their coffees as espresso, filter, dark or light roast. All of their coffees are omni-roast, meant to be delicious however you brew. Origin believe the heart of speciality is keeping the identity and character of every coffee intact and alive, no matter the brew method.

Farm information
Method: Washed
Producer: The Mierisch Family
Region: Laguna Verde, Jinotega
Varietal: Red Catuai
Elevation: 1,275 - 1,400 masl