Golden Duck Eggs in Milk Chocolate 120g

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The Easter Chicken’s lesser known cousin, The Easter Duck, has pulled out all the stops. These six velvety milk chocolate eggs have been handwrapped in golden foil, then enveloped in Marco Oggian’s brilliant ‘Composition 078’.




Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, milk powder 14%, emulsifier: non-GMO soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, coca solids: 40% minimum. 

Artwork: Marco Oggian

Born in Venice and currently residing in Spain, Marco Oggian has worked on more than 150 projects worldwide.

Marco studied at Liceo Artistico Angelo Frattini in Varese. Now the founder of independent art direction studio BRUTTO, his works are exhibited in galleries in cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, Seoul, Turin and Tokyo.

Using simple shapes and bright colours Marco is frequently drawn to highlighting critical, controversial and social issues through his work. Unafraid to stand up for a cause, his subject matters of late have included the Black Lives Matters riots and the Syrian Civil War. His work is made distinctive by its strong sarcastic tone.