Flourish Aventurine Gold Coloured Necklace


Discover the Flourish Aventurine Gold Coloured Necklace of A Beautiful Story. This colourful necklace is made of glass beads and small aventurine gemstones, strung by hand on cotton thread. The aventurine gemstones and gold colored glass beads form together five flowers. The gold plated lock gives the necklace an adjustable length of 40 to 43 centimeters.

Carve out your own path and go out into the world. An adventurous heart leads the way as you go on a journey of a lifetime. With aventurine by your side you are supported every step of the way and reminded to move with ease and joy.

Gemstones are created by nature. Every gemstone is unique. That's why the colour of your piece of jewellery may look slightly different from the picture. 

Colour: Green, Gold. 

Gemstone: Aventurine. 

Power: Motivation.