Faerie Wisdom


Gillian Kemp's fantastical card and book set will send you straight to the enchanted, insightful world of faeries. 

Whether you are in a state of transition and looking for some reassurance or simply curious about the future, the Faerie Wisdom cards will reveal your fate when asked. You lay them out as you would tarot cards, to predict the future, or choose a faerie message card for a daily affirmation. 

The four suits of cards are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and each suit has a faerie queen and king, who rule that season and its element. The cards encompass every aspect of faerie lore: the merpeople, who protect the oceans; the troll, who lives under the earth, healing the roots of the trees; and invisible brownies, the house-spirits who jinx or help us. Every card holds a unique faerie message, which can be used for a daily affirmation of faerie presence.

The accompanying book contains a litany of faerie wisdom, from the elves and boggarts of the Celtic west to the sprites of central Europe, plus full interpretations for each beautifully illustrated card.