Colourobics: Mindfulness Colouring Exercises for Kids


Colourobics is the perfect mindfulness colouring book for kids, with simple colouring exercises that can help relieve stress and anxiety. 
Developed by psychologist and neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodski, Colourobics is based on the idea that colour affects our emotions and can be used to improve our wellbeing and mental health. Through the mindfulness practice of colouring, this book will help children connect with their feelings and moods. The book's value extends beyond a child to their parents: as a neuroscience and stress-management tool for children to achieve calm, it is also a way for parents to help their children to perform and achieve more at school and in their learning development. When a page is fully coloured in, it can be taken out of the book and used as a poster. 

Colourobics is perfect for children aged between 7 and 14 years. 

ISBN: 9781743798171. 

Format: Paperback. 

Pages: 64. 

Dimensions: 29cm x 21cm. 

Published: 05 January 2022.