CITIX60: Vancouver City Guide


60 local creatives bring you the best of the city. 

Covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, dining and entertainment, CITIx60 Vancouver City Guide points you to 60 hangouts endorsed by 60 personalities of the multicultural seaport city’s creative scene. 

Forward-thinking, multicultural, and downright good-looking, Vancouver is a natural base for freethinkers and creatives striving for the cutting edge. Always on the alert for ways to innovate and improve, the city gathers leading chefs, architects, designers, tech entrepreneurs, writers, film-makers, artists, and musicians close. Nature, architecture, and art fuse to make her a distinctive city. A diverse population constitutes an assortment of quintessential Vancouver experiences. 

All at the forefront of their respective creative fields, from film-making and culinary endeavours to advertising and design, see what featured local ambassadors consider an essential to-do list. Initiated and edited by viction:ary, this pocket-sized guide sports an artistic edge with a city map jacket drawn by Janice Wu. CITIx60 Vancouver City Map will be available as limited art prints exclusively on 

ISBN: 978-988-77746-2-4 . 

Publication Date: June 2017. 

Format: full colour, softcover with city map jacket. 

Pages: 132. 

Dimensions: 11.3 x 16.5cm.