A Wonderful World of Animals: My Doodle Art Book


A doodle book to learn about the most charismatic characters of the animal kingdom. 

Meet Lily the lapwing, who likes to look pretty. Draw 1,000 legs for Bartholomew the millipede. Where is Issy the sloth? He was supposed to appear on the page, but he fell asleep and hasn’t arrived on time. Can you put that right? 

Colour in, mess up, learn from, fiddle with and chew up over 120 pictures – you can even pull out your drawings when you’ve finished and give them to someone you love! 

ISBN: 9780500650318. 

Publication Date: June 2014. 

Format: Paperback with back board. 

Pages: 144. 

Dimensions: 21 x 28cm. 


Victor Escandell’s illustrations have appeared in several children’s books, including Dinosaurs, also published by Thames & Hudson.