The House Kimono Laurel Green



The House Kimono is designed by a local Devon based brand called Kimono My House.

The kimono was designed to be worn in the home to relax and lounge about. It can be fully wrapped and tied in place for modesty or can be tied at the front for a looser feel. You can leave the waist flat or there is a cord channel on the back which can be pulled to create a feminine waist. The flexible cord ties have bene designed with both men and women in mind. It has the two deep front pockets and the internal phone pocket for anything you may need to carry around with you. 

The kimonos are made in small batches from dead-stock fabrics and the amount of kimonos made per fabric will vary with what meterage is on the roll. These rolls are seconds fabrics or leftover amounts sourced from various places meaning a variety of options. Using up these already existing rolls means we can give a forgotten roll of fabric a new lease of life. Olivia's years of experience means she will select only high quality natural fibres, this takes several visits and many hours to select the perfect fabrics for each collection.


Sustainably sourced fabrics, 100% recyclable. 

Fabric weight: approx 110-150g

Offered in Unisex Sizes Small, Medium and Large.

House Kimono Size Chart