Little Wild Animal Hugs


Little wild animal pals like to hug! And when you mix and match their hugs, there’s more to love! 

A monkey and a seal make a CHITTER-CHATTER, SPLISH-SPLASH HUG! 

A penguin and a kangaroo make a CLACK-CLACK, JUMP-JUMP HUG! 

Turn the pages to pair up ten adorable wild animals as they hug each other in this interactive board book. Featuring die-cut pages that may be read in any order, this playful book for the youngest of readers offers endless hugging possibilities and is sure to become a favourite of toddlers and parents alike. Just right for reading aloud, making laugh-out-loud animal sounds, and celebrating the sweetness of hugs together! 

ISBN: 9781797207186. 
Pages: 12. 

Publication date: 24 Nov 2022. 

Author: Hans Wilhelm.