Atlas Cedar Soy Wax Candle 170ml


Signature Scented Soy Wax Candle in Atlas Cedar by Earl of East. 

Our Atlas Cedar scent is inspired by the calming crisp air of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. This earthy blend is one of our favourites when it comes to finding a sense of peace in your day. 

Scent Story 

Upon a much-needed city escape in 2015 it was the calming crisp air of the Atlas Mountains and the artisanal Berber Villages that truly stole the Earl of East founders' hearts in Morocco. 

A wonderful contrast to the liveliness of Marrakech, the peaceful air of the snow-capped mountains and flowing rivers encourage you to slow down and go with the flow, a trait that Moroccan people incorporate effortlessly into their lives. 

Burning Atlas Cedar has become a ritual to unwind from the busy London life, to regain focus after a busy day. It is a deep breath, a pause in time. It is not surprising that it is one of your favourite scents when it comes to filling your homes and finding that sense of peace in your day. 

  • Scent: Cedarwood, olive leaf, white musk; 
  • Hand poured soy wax candle; 
  • Made with a bespoke blend of fragrance & essential oils; 
  • 35-40 hours burning time; 
  • Size: 170ml [6oz]; 
  • Recyclable amber glass jar with lid; 
  • Inspired by travel, made in London. 

Benefits: Experience the soothing and calming effects linked to Cedarwood and white musk.